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27/03/2014 @ Akasaka Blitz

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Name: Christian Grahn

Age: 35

Lives: Kolmården, Sweden

Bicycles: Bridgestone MB-1, Litespeed Obeed, Litespeed Blue Ridge, BMC TE01, Scott Spark 900RC, Raleigh Record Ace

Christian likes (without being sponsored): SRAM drivelines, Crankbrothers pedals and Ritchey components. He says he would rather get lost while biking than to follow a route that has been set up. Since 1993 Christian has been the drummer of the rock band ‘The Hives’. Vegetarian for 20 years and father of three.

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Photographed by Patrik Engström


I wish I had an eyebrow game as strong as pelle almqvist’s